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A Land of Wonderment

Celebrating the sights and magic of this unique and historical community, John’s new musical theme brings us closer to Hollywood than ever before.

In the tradition of the musical classic ‘Hooray for Hollywood’, John’s new composition is an uplifting breath of fresh air which spotlights the special places and extraordinary people that are a part of one of the most famous places in the world.

From the first note to the final big finish, “A Land of Wonderment” is a musical anthem about Hollywood, for Hollywood!

See Credits Below

John Mejia
Christina DeRosa
Vanessa Knight
And all of Hollywood

Technical Team
Directed by – Leo Ryan
Produced by – In Hollywood TV and The John Mejia Show.
Cinematographer – Dylon Marko Bell
Camera Operator – Leo Ryan
Assistant Director – Mayco Castillo
Edited by – Conroe Brooks
Art and Graphics – George Mejia

Original Composition
Original Music by – John Mejia
Music Arranged by – Bob Emmett (Best Studio – Culver City, CA)
Recorded at Big Surprise Music Studio (Encino, CA)
Recording Engineer – Carmen Grillo
Background Vocals by – Gisa Vatcky.

Special Thanks to
* In Hollywood TV –
* The Performing Arts Students and staff at Hollywood High School.
* S.I.R Studios – Hollywood, CA
* Roger Neal – Neal Public Relations