About The John Mejia Show

If you’re a fan of Weird Al , Dr. Demento and Richard Cheese, you’ll love the musical comedy videos and comedy shows of Singer-Songwriter and Choreographer John Mejia

Comedy videos

Founder and Artistic Director John Mejia’s 35-year career as a performer and producer of comedy shows and musical comedy videos has enabled him to delight audiences in Los Angeles and internationally through The John Mejia Show. Now his blend of comedy entertainment, original songs and fun dance routines are available worldwide through the Internet.

The John Mejia Show specializes in providing content designed to entertain and inspire audiences everywhere. Whether it’s our highly anticipated live shows, or a current video release featuring original wild and funny characters, The John Mejia Show always aims to give you one more reason to smile.

Are you excited for more comedy videos and Los Angeles shows? The John Mejia Show has plenty of surprises planned for the future, so stay tuned for more content guaranteed to touch your heart and tickle your funny bone.