About John Mejia

Singer, Songwriter, Performer and Choreographer, John’s extensive background encompasses many years of professional experience in all aspects of theatrical, stage and popular television and video productions.

Recognized with numerous best acting and performance awards, John’s rare combination of composing original music for many of his choreographic works, has brought a unique artistry to hundreds of projects, and has delighted thousands of viewers.

Comedy shows

As a principal dancer with the National Ballet Company of Mexico City, John was awarded the highest honor in performing arts by the President of Mexico for one of his performances in front of several world dignitaries. John went on to become a notable Choreographer for this prestigious dance company, and then proceeded to work as a successful choreographer for dozens of musical stage shows for such notable performers as Linda Carter, Paul Anka, and Julio Iglesias, Jose Jose, Atlantis Band, and the Hyatt Entertainment Group, along with numerous local comedy shows and cabaret productions.

John continued his musical studies throughout his travels around the world, and in 1978, John’s original score for an adaptation of Tadeusz Rozewicz’s ‘The Lady Sits Waiting’ was nominated for the acclaimed ‘Phono Award’ by the National Circle of Performance Reporters. John’s original music was subsequently recorded and televised to several countries shortly thereafter.

Over the years, the popularity of the John Mejia Live Shows, has led to the debut of new compositions and comedy shows. As Artistic Director of The John Mejia Show, John looks forward to a bright future as he and his team of artists also turn their talents toward producing exceptional, creative content for commercial and promotional distribution.