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Christina DeRosa

Full page fax printI love being an actress. It all started in NY on stage with Natalie Portman as munchkins in The Wizard of Oz, and now I live and work in Los Angeles but I am ready to travel anywhere for challenging and creative roles.

I’ve been blessed to work onset of ‘Hart of Dixie’, ‘Hollywood Heights’, ‘Worst Week’, ‘Everybody Hates Chris’, ‘‘Reno 911!’, ‘Dollhouse’, ‘Entourage’, ‘The Whole Truth’, ‘1000 Ways to Die’ and ‘General Hospital’, I’ve work in multiple movies, and most recently I became a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. I’m extremely proud of every network and cable show I’ve been on, every IMDB credit, and every role I’ve played.

I strive to be a humanitarian who can leverage my career success to bring more awareness about children in need.