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Eva-Maria Leonardou

Eva Maria LeonardouA graduate both from the University of Piraeus (Athens, Greece) with a Bachelor of Business Administration and the prestigious Drama School of Athens, Eva-Maria Leonardou is a diversely educated artist. Shortly after graduation she was handpicked by Oscar nominated writer/director Nikos Foskolos to play the lead in his television series, which became the number one rated television show in all of Greece. This led to a string of successful roles on both stage and screen. Within a year she became the lead actress of Greece’s longest running prime time television show.

Giving up a flourishing career in Greece, Eva-Maria Leonardou came to the US to fulfill a lifelong dream to bring her talent to the American stage and screen. Being both fluent in English and Greek, she is also versed in German and Italian. Eva-Maria appears in the featured role of The John Mejia Show musical video parody called ‘Slow Poke’.