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Hawaiian Carnival

A delicious and thoroughly enjoyable treat for romantics and beach bums alike! Hawaiian Carnival is the tale of three regular native islanders who are driven to behave like love-starved teenagers all because of the stunning beauty of this gorgeous new goddess on the island.

John Mejia’s Hawaiian Carnival was shot on location at Leo Carrillo Beach in Malibu California.

See Credits Below

Casey Ford Alexander
Karen Maiko
Ernie Gonzalez
John Mejia
And Derrel Maury as ‘Surfboard Sam’!

Featured Dancers
Roseane Simmons
Nakiesha McCullough
Cheoma Douglas

Technical Team
Directed by – Sean Daly
Produced by – John Mejia
Assistant Director – Derrel Maury
Director of Photography – Sean Daly
Unit Production Manager – Gema Interiano
Make-up and Hair Design – Armee Jacob
Editing by – Sean Daly
Lighting and Production Assistants – Michael Helenek, and Eric Hamidi
Set Design by – Shalome Pilon
Set Assistant – John Stevens

Original Composition
Original Music by – John Mejia

Arrangements and Musical Talent
Music Arranged by – Bob Emmett (Best Studio – Culver City, CA)
Recording Engineer – Carmen Grillo
Recorded at Big Surprise Music Studio (Encino, CA)
Background Vocal Arrangements by – Carmen Grillo
Background Vocals by – Gisa Vatcky and John Mejia

Special Thanks to
* Ms. Sheryl Hill for her tremendous kindness and generosity.
* Mr. Keron Adams and Regulaz Entertainment for our featured dancers.
* Our friends at California Film Commission.

Shot on location at Leo Carrillo Beach in Malibu California.