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Jaquelyn Johnson

Jaquelyn JohnsonAs a graduate of the Theatre Arts and Music Schools at the University of Miami in Florida, Jaquelyn brings a wealth of experience from having performed a variety of roles in several different countries. Originally from Michigan, Jaquelyn’s theatrical background after college included¬† projects in San Francisco such as the role of Betsy Divine in Shanghai San Francisco, and Briana in Soul Mates. Jaquelyn also studied acting at ‘The Method Studio’ in London, and has portrayed an assortment of character parts in regional plays and a variety of student films.

Perhaps one of Jaquelyn’s most satisfying roles came while living in Edinburgh Scotland, when she was awarded the coveted role of Isabella in the award winning production of Commedia Tonight at the International Scottish Fringe Festival.

Most recently, Jaquelyn played the principal role in the music video produced by the great Argentinean composer, Noel Schajris – No Veo la Hora. In this moving piece of music, Jaquelyn portrays a beautiful toy-like mannequin, lost in a deep love spell.