Live Show 2010

John Mejia Show 2010Like comedy shows? Here’s a chance to relive some of the excitement and fun from our last live show. We hope you enjoy these great images, and be sure to visit our Photo Gallery to see even more memorable photos.

What a memorable experience! I’ve done many shows in my day, but The John Mejia Live Shows at the historic El Portal Theatre in Los Angeles were some of my all-time favorite performances.

Many thanks to all our friends and fans for being a part of the fun, and for making each night of our musical comedy shows so special.

Preparations are already underway for our new upcoming live show, and you won’t want to miss a moment of our engaging characters, amazing music, and good-natured lunacy. We invite you to check The John Mejia Show website frequently for updates and news about future Los Angeles shows.

The John Mejia Show 2010

“The whole show just knocked me out, and you really accomplished something amazing”.
– Saratoga Ballantine

“We had a great time. My son said that it’s like Dad’s humor on steroids”!
– Carl Wurtz

“You are a very talented artist”.
– Laura Grayson-Ladanyi

“Your humor has always been so uplifting, and the energy is contagious”.
– Lisette Kremer

“Sort of a Laugh-in, meets the Marx Bros, with a little Tony Orlando. Great Show”.
– Oscar Arslanian

“Johnny had all the right stuff going. Solos in English & Spanish. The house was rockin”.
– Cesar Gonzalez

“The show was ambitious, comedic, dramatic, and Scandalous – (Naked Olives)”!
– Josh Barash

“I was blown away. Your voice was beautiful, and the songs were too”.
– Janette M. Isaacs

“The music was great, the skits were clever, overall it was very uplifting”.
– Randi Susan Klein

“Keep singing my friend. You are amazing”!
– Gigi Desouki

“I thoroughly enjoyed your humor & kind spirit. It is one of a great and talented man”.
– Marla Laraine Allard Webb

“After all these years and you still rock it! Completely enjoyed it”.
– Gary Raff

“Very warm and entertaining. A real sweetness there”.
– Michael Engel

“John, we had such a wonderful time, seeing you and all your wonderfully talented friends. Fantastic”!
– Scott Shulman

“We loved it! Awesome”!
– Adrianna Belan

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for important updates about the hilarious new Los Angeles shows being planned for later this year. With new original music, laughs, comedy shows and more heart than ever before.