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Nuestro Amor

Nuestro Amor (featuring Laura Vall)

This touching new romantic ballad speaks about the distance that sometimes occurs between two people in love. It is normal for the human spirit to feel unloved or under-appreciated sometimes, so John’s moving ballad shares that emotion by saying “You may be tired, or maybe just quiet, but I can feel your distance.” The song relates the message that love is a curious, and sometimes confusing feeling, but that a true bond can never be broken.

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Music and Lyrics by John Mejia
Produced by John Mejia
Vocals by Laura Vall and John Mejia
Musical Arrangement by Bob Emmet
Recorded at Big Surprise Music in Encino, CA
Record Engineering by Carmen Grillo
Art Direction/Graphics by George Mejia

(Spanish Lyrics)
Music and Lyrics by John Mejia

Las Gotas de tus lagrimas,
Me dicen que feliz no estas,
Y por eso mi corazón, te busco mas….

En tus brazos que fue mi hogar,
Siento pronto me van a soltar,
Y yo sueno que nuestro amor, no va terminar….

Como el viento que viene fuerte en las noches,
A veces me da por llorar,
Necesitó palabras bellas, para darme seguridad,
Y mis ojos y te dicen mas –
Amor Nunca te voy a dejar –
He luchado por ti –
de tu lado me voy jamás…..

Estarás cansada, estarás callada,
pero te siento muy alejada,
Y la dulzura de mis besos te da temor,

Estarás cansado, o enojado,
pero te siento muy despegado,
y que curioso es esta cosa,
Nuestro Amor….

3rd Verse:
Las olas vienen y se van,
Y yo nunca te quiero extrañar,
Nuestro amor es un regalo,
Para inspirar….

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Music and Lyrics by John Mejia

Your tears tell me,
that you’re unhappy,
And because of this,
I reach out to you…

In your arms which have been my home,
It feels like they soon might let me go,
Yet I dream that our love,
will never end…

Like the wind that blows stronger in the evenings,
sometimes I feel overwhelmed with tears.
I need your soothing words, to feel secure and safe…

And my eyes will tell you more,
That I will always be with you,
I have fought for you,
and I will never leave your side…

You may be tired, or maybe just quiet,
But I feel your distance,
and the sweetness of my kiss,
might make you uneasy…

You may be tired, or maybe upset,
But I feel your distance,
Oh how curious is this thing called,
Our Love…

The ocean waves come and go,
But I never want to miss you,
Our love is a gift,
Which inspires…