Comedy videosJohn is a full-service creative producer… with an emphasis on the creative! His talented staff can produce any or all parts of your original video content including scripting and storyboarding, original music composition, voice-overs, translations, shooting, post-production and editing. John can also help you brainstorm and execute your ideas from the ground up.

His services include:

  • Entertaining Video Concepts For Brands Of All Kinds

    Your company has personality – show it off! John can help you showcase your services and style in an engaging way. He will write, develop and shoot any or all parts of your unique video content with entertaining style and a sense of fun.

  • Original Music Composition

    John specializes in film scoring, commercial jingles, romantic love themes, themed music, and background music of all styles and genres.

  • Choreography & Movement

    From Bollywood to salsa, from flash mobs to ballrooms, John’s creative dances and stylized approach to movement can make your video exciting, unique and entertaining.

  • Translation Services

    John’s creative team has the capability to translate any body of work, or any of your existing videos, into French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and Portuguese.

  • Some of our clients include:

    – In Hollywood TV
    – Hollywood Lions Club
    – Ideal Pet Doors
    – Hebler, LLC
    – Counterintuity

Interested in learning more about John’s original music, future comedy videos, creative concepts – and how he can bring them to you or your organization? Contact John here.

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