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The Light in my Heart

Welcome the mysteries that surround us, and you will find that this earth is packed full of heavenly goodness. Sometimes hidden, yet revealed in faith.

John’s newest spiritual composition was composed to remind us that that which cannot be seen or touched, does not mean that it isn’t there. The road of patience, persistence and faith can bring the greatest of treasures, but only to those who know where to look. And yet this is the conundrum, how can one look at something that can’t be seen.

The Light in my Heart was written to recognize this mystery as a good thing, and we should trust the light and intuition of our hearts to help guide us to a more fulfilling life.

See Credits Below

Music Composed – John Mejia
Musical Arrangements – Bob Emmet
Art Direction and Graphics – George Mejia

Recorded at Best Studios – Culver City, California

Light In My Heart