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Two Beautiful New Musical Releases Now Scheduled for Late December!

This has been an exciting year for all of us here at The John Mejia Show. 2013 started with a wild musical ride and with some pretty amazing kids in John’s Spanish video called Cosquillas’! John’s next intriguing musical work called Calm‘ brought us to a relaxing and meditative place of tranquility and peace. Calmhas received enormous acclaim, and is just the first of several of these types of classical pieces being planned in the months ahead. You won’t want to miss John’s newest spiritual composition called ‘The Light in My Heart’, scheduled for release on January 1st, 2014.

Next, John introduced us to the Coconut Bra and Banana Skirt in his exotic island fantasy called ‘Hawaiian Carnival’. Many of you have commented how great John looked in his dreadlocks and lobster necklace in this video, and we hope that you’ve had a chance to enjoy the just released new comical outtakes video called ‘Hawaiian Carnival Outtakes’!

We also enjoyed hearing John’s new musical anthem for Hollywood called ‘A Land of Wonderment’! This extraordinary piece of original music is a testament to this amazing community and a reminiscent look at many of the historical sights. John has Guaranteed that listening to A Land of Wonderment will cure any headache or bad mood!

John is now proudly announcing the release of his two newest musical works, the first is called ‘Beatnik Boppin’, a cool and jazzy look at the modern Beatnik, and of course the long awaited composition called The Light in My Heart’, Both scheduled before year’s end.Sylvie - Small Size - Retouched

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The best is yet to come!

Enjoy the Show!